IMAGE DITHERING STUDY (8 COLORS): Please give a grade 1(worst) to 10(best) to these images in terms of their similarity to the original Minnesota image  (Top left corner)
and record your grades in a file. While grading look both in constant color (low frequency) and also the details (edges, corners..)
When you have graded all the images please send an e-mail to or with your grades. You may use the following table as an example.
Image-Name  Grade
FS-Minnesota 8
LMS Minnesota 8
QRdiag-Minnesota Image
LMS diag Minnesota Image


 Original Minnesota Image  FS-Minnesota8  LMS-Minnesota8
 Original Minnesota Image   Click above to see the full size Floyd Steinberg Dithering result Click above to see the LMS-algorithm based dithering<
 QR-Minnesota  QRdiag-Minnesota  LMSdiag-Minnesota
Click above to see the QR-algorithm based dithering Click above to see the QRdiag-algorithm based dithering Click above to see the diagonal-LMS alg. based dithering