Food Safety and Quality Related Publications

I have a collaborative research grant with Dr. Tom Pearson, at USDA and Ahmed H. Tewfik at University of Minnesota funded by TUBITAK and NSF. My recent publications include:

- Tom Pearson, A. Enis Cetin, Ahmed H. Tewfik, Ron P Haff, .FEASIBILITY OF IMPACT-ACOUSTIC EMISSIONS FOR DETECTION OF DAMAGED WHEAT KERNELS,. accepted for publication Digital Signal Processing.

- Z. Cataltepe, A. Enis Cetin, T. Pearson, .Identification of insect damaged wheat kernels using transmittance images ,. Electronics Letters, Volume 41, Issue 5, 3 Mar 2005 Page(s):238 . 240

- I. Onaran, Y. Yardimci, Tom Pearson, A. Enis Cetin, "Classification of underdeveloped hazelnuts using impact acoustincs," Trans. ASEA accepted for publications.

- A. Enis Cetin, Tom Pearson and Ahmed H. Tewfik, " Classification Of Closed And Open-Shell Pistachio Nuts Using Voice-Recognition Technology". Transactions Of The ASAE. 2004. 47(2):659-664.