1. Does your VFO work properly? Does the oscillation start? Does it cover 12-13.7 MHz? Can you vary the frequency with R128?

  2. Does your transmitter work properly? Do you have 16 MHz %50 modulation over L12? Does your 16MHz oscillator work? Can you mix 16MHz AM signal with the VFO signal to obtain 29MHz AM signal at IC10 output? Are C65 and C69 properly tuned? Is your switch properly placed? Have you successfully completed 7.34?

  3. Does your receiver work properly? Do you successfully observe a 16MHz AM signal at the output of IC13 when VFO is properly tuned? Are C92 and C104 properly tuned to 29MHz and 16MHz respectively? Do you detect the envelope of the signal at D9 cathode? Did you seccessfully compete 7.41-7.45?