Revan Pavilion

Built in 1635 by the architect Koca Kasim, it is a small replica of the Baghdad Pavilion. On an octagonal layout, it is a single room, whose walls to the window edge are marble, and above are tile work. There is a double line of windows decorated in mother -of -pearl and tortoise shell. The central brazier was a gift of the French King Louis XV, to Mahmut I, made by Duplesisa, a famous worker in bronze of the time. This room was also known as the Turban Room, as it was here that the sultan’s turbans were kept.

On our way to the Baghdad Pavilion, the heavily tiled outer wall of the Circumcision Room is seen, and next the lovely gilt - bronze baldachin of Sultan Ibrahim dating from 1640. It was here that the sultan broke his daily fasting at sunset during the Month of Fasting (Ramazan). Like the sultan himself, let us break our tour here, and enjoy the same lovely overlook of the city which this position affords us. From here, we ill then proceed to the Baghdad Pavilion.