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WinScheduler v1.0b...

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All known bugs are corrected and help files were added to the program.

Highlight of the Week (WebAttack.com)
"... From what I've seen so far, this is the best free scheduling and automation tool you can find! Very powerful and nicely designed." (www.webattack.com)

WinScheduler introduces several ways to save time by eliminating repetitive actions and simplifying complex tasks into one step. You can assign repetitive tasks to a single keystroke and also have WinScheduler perform tasks for you automatically when some specified events occur. WinScheduler allows you to build custom automated tasks such as file backups, FTP and HTTP downloads and uploads, file copy, move and much more. You can create complex tasks, using a combination of various elements including user input, keystroke input and more. The program also supports automated ZIP archiving. A task wizard will guide you through the creation process, so no programming experience is required.

WinScheduler allows you build custom "tasks" without writing any programming code that can interact with multiple applications, the Internet and data simultaneously. WinScheduler breaks down common user actions into basic actions or steps. This allows the user to build tasks step by step in logical progressions. These tasks take the place of of an actual user performing the steps necessary to complete the given task or procedure. WinScheduler tasks are comprised of two primary components "Actions" and "Triggers".

Triggers: Triggers tell WinScheduler when to perform the task. Triggers are events that start WinScheduler tasks you create WinScheduler is built on a Trigger and Action metaphor. A Trigger is a condition or event that happens in Windows which WinScheduler will use to execute a Task. Triggers can be anything from a set time and schedule you designate... to a certain window or dialog box appearing... and more...

Supported Platforms:
Windows 95 (with IE 4.01 or higher), Windows 98, Windows NT (with IE 4.01 or higher and SP4 or higher), Windows 2000, Windows ME


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