Dr. Vakur B. Erturk

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Bilkent University
TR-06800 Bilkent, Ankara

Phone   : +90 (312) 290 3154
Fax        : +90 (312) 266 4192
E-mail  :

  •  Ph.D.,  Electrical Engineering, The Ohio-State University, 2000
  •  M.S.,   Electrical Engineering, The Ohio-State University, 1996
  •  B.Sc.,  Electrical and Electronics Engineering , Middle East Technical University, 1993

  • Research Interests
  •  Closed-form Green's function representations for cylindrically and planar stratified media
  •  Development of high-frequency based asymptotic techniques to be used for printed elements mounted on planar and conformal platforms
  •  Design and analysis of conformal antennas and arrays
  •  Random rough surface scattering
  •  Structural Health Monitoring
  •  Printed and SIW-based microwave devices (filters, dividers, filters, etc.)
  •  Computational electromagnetics

  • Courses taught

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    Personal Information

    He is married to Cagri and father of Irmak (Cagri-Irmak)

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