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Suleyman Serdar Kozat, PhD
 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 Bilkent University
 Ankara, Turkey 06800

 Office: EE-309
 Tel: +90-312-290 2336
 Fax: +90-312-290 1223

Suleyman Serdar Kozat received the B.S. degree with full scholarship and high honors from Bilkent University, Turkey. He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL. Dr. Kozat is a graduate of Ankara Fen Lisesi.

After graduation, Dr. Kozat joined IBM Research, T. J. Watson Research Lab, Yorktown, New York, US as a Researcher (and later became a Project Leader ) in the Pervasive Technologies Group, where he focused on problems related to statistical and machine learning problems. While doing his Ph.D., he was also working as a Research Associate at Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington, US in the Cryptography and Anti-Piracy Group. He holds several patent inventions due to his research accomplishments at IBM Research and Microsoft Research. After serving as an Assistant Professor at Koc University, Dr. Kozat is currently a Professor at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Bilkent University. Dr. Kozat coauthored more than 300 papers and technical reports in refereed high impact journals and conference proceedings and has several patent inventions (used in several different Microsoft and IBM products such as the Microsoft Office and the ViaVoice). Overall, his research interests include machine learning, deep learning, prediction in renewable energy and e-commerce domains, ChatBots and NLP algorithms with cognitive and behavioral capabilities using fine tuned LLMs and Big Data, anomaly detection.

Dr. Kozat has served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (Impact factor: 11.63) between 2019-2023 and served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (Impact factor: 6.81) between 2012-2016, and he is a Senior Member of the IEEE . Dr. Kozat was the Chair of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, Turkey Chapter, between 2012-2017. He was elected to the IEEE Signal Processing Theory and Methods Technical Committee and IEEE Machine Learning for Signal Processing Technical Committee, 2013. He served as the Vice-Chair at the EURASIP SAT Signal and Data Analytics for Machine Learning . He has been awarded the IBM Faculty Award by IBM Research in 2011, Outstanding Faculty Award by Koc University in 2011 (granted the first time in 16 years), Outstanding Young Researcher Award by the Turkish National Academy of Sciences in 2010, ODTU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Research Encouragement Award in 2011, Outstanding Faculty Award by Bilim Kahramanlari, 2013 and holds Career Award by the Scientific Research Council of Turkey, 2009 . He has also served in many Technical Committees of different international and national conferences and workshops. During his high school years, Dr. Kozat won several scholarships and medals in international and national science and math competitions. Dr. Kozat received the 1st rank among 2 million high school graduates in the University Entrance Examination (Öğrenci Yerleştirme Sınavı (ÖYS)) based on nets} .