Final exam: 

Jan. 9, 9:00 am, EA-222 in two parts:  in-class (~2 hours) and take home (1 day).

Recommended Books:

  • Huitema, “Routing in the Internet

  • Stevens, “TCP/IP Illustrated Vol. 1”

  • Comer, “Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.1 ”

  • Halabi, “Internet Routing Architectures”

  • Kurose and Ross, “Computer Networking”

  • Davie and Rosen, “Multiprotocol Label Switching”

  • Perlman, “Interconnections”

  • Stevens, "TCP Illustrated", Vol. 1

  • Hassan and Jain, "High performance TCP/IP Networking"

  • IBM Redbook TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

  • Farrell, "The Internet and its protocols"


Lecture (PDF) aSee the footnote


Useful Material

1 Introduction, Data link layer issues, Ethernet, Hubs,Switches, Routers, Spanning Tree Algorithm *,**    
2   Perlman
3 Virtual LANs, Wireless LANs, PPP, ATM *,**     
4 Homework 1 (due Oct. 13th) Perlman, Kurose and Ross, IEEE 802.11 standard
5 DNS,TCP/IP Fundamentals, IP Addressing, Network Address Translation*   White paper on IP addressing
6 Routing Concepts * Homework 2 Kurose and Ross, Perlman

IP Routing Protocols, BGP, Longest Prefix Match *,***,b

8   Halabi, Gupta's PhD thesis
9 MPLS and Traffic Engineering   Davie and Rosen
11 Transport Protocols, UDP, TCP**   Stevens, TCP IP GUIDE
12 TCP Congestion Control *,c Homework 3 (due Dec. 19 - 12:40 pm) RFC 2581
13 Multimedia networking and QoS    
14 Student presentations Homework 4 (due Jan. 5 - 14:00 pm)  

 a While preparing the lecture notes, we make use of the publicly available viewgraphs of

* Viewgraphs of J. Kurose and K. Ross prepared for the textbook "Top-down approach to computer networking"

** Viewgraphs of  M. Veeraraghavan and J. Liebeherr at University of Virginia

*** Viewgraphs of Nina Taft (Intel) on BGP

b   P. Gupta's notes

c  Reuven Cohen's notes



  • Homework  assignments 50% (3-4 homeworks)

  • Take-home final   30% (14th Week)

  • Research assay 20% (due 13th Week)